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Mount Princess Mononoke’s Animal Friends’ Heads on Your Fridge – Interest

As part of Princess Mononoke‘s 25th anniversary, Donguri Republic is selling a collection of magnets based on the characters from the film—that just so happen to look like head mounts on the wall of a hunting cabin.

These include Moro, Moro’s pup, the Forest Spirit, Nago, Yakul, and even San herself. Each sells individually for 1320 yen (approx. $9.68 USD) or in a set for 7,920 yen (approx. $58.10 USD) at either Donguri Republic’s physical stores or their online Donguri-sora shop.

Of course, if that’s too morbid for you, you can pick up this decidedly non-decapitated stuffed Yakul instead.

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One Piece Film Red Uniqlo Shirts Arrive in U.S. on October 27 – Interest

UNIQLO offers exclusive sticker sheet with purchases while stocks last

UNIQLO‘s One Piece Film Red UT collaboration collection will launch in the United States on October 27, in anticipation of the film’s U.S. and Canada opening on November 4. The collection features four colors inspired by Luffy, Uta, Zoro, and Nami.

The graphics include Luffy doing his signature Gum Gum Red Hawk attack, Luffy wearing his One Piece Film Red outfit, Shanks’ Red Hair Pirates Jolly Roger flag alongside the names of the Red Hair Pirates, the memorable moment where Shanks hands Luffy his straw hat, as well as a lineup of the Straw Hats members with the iconic words “I’m gonna be…king of the pirates!!”

The adult-sized shirts cost US$19.90 each. They will be available in all UNIQLO stores in the U.S. and through the online store.

UNIQLO will also offer an exclusive sticker sheet with purchases featuring the film’s characters wearing UNIQLO outfits. The sticker set will be available from the October 27 launch while stocks last.

A UNIQLO collection inspired by One Piece‘s Wano arc came to the United States in June 2021.

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Made in Abyss Voice Actress Misaki Kuno Lost Her Voice While Recording Faputa’s Lines – Interest

Kuno described Faputa as the character who expressed the most extreme emotions, whether it was anger, hatred, sadness, loneliness, jealousy, or love

Voice actress Misaki Kuno, who played Faputa and Irumyuui in Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun, recounted her experiences working on the show after its epic conclusion on Wednesday. She wrote that it was a deep honor to accept the role, but that it was also very physically and emotionally demanding.

Kuno even lost her voice once while recording the lines and temporarily lost the ability to capture Faputa’s distinctive voice. This was her first time losing her voice in front of the mic; she recalled that she was so apologetic and frustrated with herself that she started bawling. Fortunately, the staff allowed her to reschedule for another day so that her voice could recover. Kuno felt that she was inconveniencing the staff, but she was also very touched by their commitment to creating the best anime possible.

Among her many roles in her career, Kuno described Faputa as the character who expressed the most extreme emotions, whether it was anger, hatred, sadness, loneliness, jealousy, or love. Because Faputa screams a lot, voicing her was very taxing on the actor’s throat. To minimize the strain, she was allowed to perform for lines for episodes 10 and 11 without going through a rehearsal first. Kuno said that she was very grateful to the mixers for allowing her to perform all the crying and screaming in one take.

She said that she received a lot of kind support from the staff and the other voice actors. For example, Vueko’s voice actress Yuka Terasaki would warm her hands, while Reg’s voice actress Mariya Ise would wrap her in a blanket. She reflected that if not for everyone supporting her, she would not have been able to finish her role. She also thanked viewers for watching to the end.

“I would not have been able to play Faputa and Irumyuui if I didn’t overcome my physical and mental limits. I am so glad I came upon this role,” she remarked.

The anime concluded on Wednesday with a one-hour special.

Source: Misaki Kuno‘s Twitter account

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NIJISANJI VTuber Hyakumantenbara Salome Endorses Bibliophile Princess Anime – Interest

NIJISANJI’s Hyakumantenbara Salome, who broke records in June by becoming the fastest Virtual YouTuber to reach one million subscribers, is a big fan of Satsuki Shiina‘s Bibliophile Princess (Mushikaburi-hime) light novel series. She streamed a new video on Friday to introduce the series to her fans and express her endorsement.

Comic Natalie also posted an interview with Salome, where she discusses her perception of Bibliophile Princess Elianna as an aspiring “ojou-sama” (lady) character herself.

The Bibliophile Princess anime will premiere on October 6 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Kansai TV, and BS NTV. HIDIVE will exclusively stream the anime.

J-Novel Club has licensed both the light novel series and its manga adaptation, and is releasing them in English. J-Novel Club describes the story:

When book-loving Lady Elianna spots Prince Christopher—her betrothed in name only—consorting with another noble lady, she realizes the recent rumors must be true. The prince has someone he truly loves, which means the annulment of their engagement is both inevitable and fast-approaching. What she doesn’t realize is that this is merely a surface ripple—one of many where the truth runs deep, in a conspiracy surpassing her imagination!

Hyakumantenbara Salome debuted on May 24 and became the fastest Virtual YouTuber to reach one million subscribers, taking just 13 days to claim the crown. She is also notable for being the only NIJISANJI performer to debut without an accompanying group.

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